10 bathroom wallpaper ideas that will increase your space to stylish new heights

10 bathroom wallpaper ideas that will increase your space to stylish new heights

Looking for bathroom wallpaper ideas? From subtle damask to the latest floral patterns and tropical patterns, bathroom wallpaper can prove a quick and easy way to call the designer style in your bathroom. This can prove to be more affordable than tiles, and the latest “wall-to-wall” and “peeled” paper is easy to replace when you’re ready for a change.

1. Give a glimpse

Wallpaper actually doesn’t have to be in the bathroom to enjoy the effect. If you have an open environment like the one shown here, stick the wall next to the bathroom with bold palm prints that will bring color and patterns to the room without overwhelming it. Adding one or two real factories will bring the two rooms together.

2. Mix wallpaper with wood panelling

Create a luxurious rustic feel in your bathroom by using a floral design that is muted with a soft gray color. Wooden wall panels can be used in areas where water is likely to splash, and in accordance with traditional appearance.

3. Give it a regal touch

This beautiful damask style wallpaper looks gorgeous next to this sleek bathroom – and large candles add to the room’s luxurious feel. Twinkling candles are all the lighting needed to soak in a long, soothing tub, which looks right for a queen.

4. Choose a design that speaks to you

The owner of this bathroom chose this beautiful koi fish design wallpaper because it reminded him of the years he spent in Japan. It makes what is normally a functional room feel more special, and we like the way it coordinates with the blue glass used as a spark next to the sink and shower.

5. Encourage relaxation with marbled paper

Marbling is often used as an awareness exercise because it literally encourages people to go with the flow – you have no control over the paint or patterns that are made. That is why this is the perfect pattern choice in the bathroom, because you can lose yourself in an arbitrary vortex.

6. Combine wallpaper and tiles

if you are worried that your wallpaper will get wet, but want to put it on the same wall as the water feature, try this treatment. Tile to the point where the spark might reach, then wallpaper to the ceiling. This is a smarter and smoother look than full wallpaper – if you’re not sure about taking risks, then to speak, this might be the way to do something.

7. Go nautical

It’s quite clear why the bathroom is suitable for a beach color scheme, but you can take more things with themed wallpapers. From fish (see above) to anchors to beach shacks, there are many directions to get to – we think this is one of the most fun.

8. Add warmth with a wood effect

Want to take advantage of wood panel trends without damaging the bank? Why not make feature walls using textured or printed wallpapers? This wood printing paper brings a comfortable Scandinavian feel to cooler metal and ceramic surfaces.

9. Enhance a structural feature

If your bathroom is built into the roof, why not show off its striking proportions with wallpaper? In a room filled with light like this, you can get away with something dark and dramatic.

10. Clash patterns

Mixing and matching bold patterns has given the bathroom a retro feel – just check the wallpaper versus the dramatic floor tiles. If you are looking for a chic 1970s channel, we recommend that you continue to use a similar orange and olive green palette. But use a lot of black and white too, otherwise it can become too excessive – not ideal when you are trying to relax in the bathroom.