7 Fall In Love With Your Bathroom Decor Ideas

7 Fall In Love With Your Bathroom Decor Ideas

The owner of this house maintains the classic and traditional feel of this bathroom with an acrylic-foot bathtub. Pay attention to the fixture installed on the side – a feature to help save space and let the swimmer lie along the road.

Why use a wimpy and transparent “bathroom window” when you can install a double-hung or full-size casement window to further push the “classic” envelope? Not only that but installing a real window allows fresh air (reducing your dependence on noisy bathroom fans) and gives you a comfortable ledge for magazines or voters.

1. Sun-Drenched Clawfoot Tub For Max Relax Time

The sky in the bathroom? Why not? Unless you are worried about jets at 32,000 feet seeing you in your birthday suit, sky lights above the shower or bathtub are a great way to bring natural light – and to naturally reduce mold and mildew growth.

The bathroom is equipped with a glass-framed shower at the end of the room, allowing light from two directions. The cantilevered bathroom cabinet gives the impression that it “floats” a few inches from the ground, and the white marble bathroom counter maximizes light.

2. Bathtub’s Secret, Special Place

If you have a room, why not designate a separate area just for the bathtub?

This bathroom decorating idea presents a high-quality casement window for the height of the tub so that swimmers can read magazines or books … or just enjoy the view.

You are looking at an acrylic pedestal base with side-mounted fixtures. Avoiding clawfoot tub claws, the pedestal tub consists of two parts to facilitate shipping and installation. The base looks more modern than the clawfoot, but it goes back farther – up to 3,000 years ago to ancient Crete.

3. Aquamarine-Blue Tiled Bathtub

Imagine a bathroom decorated in bluish green in the Mediterranean Sea. This is a rather ordinary bathroom – the tub is nothing special – but is equipped with beautiful 6 “x 6” Kibak tiles, given extra emphasis with black edges and appeal. This picture shows the actual strength of the tile, and how the addition of the right tile can change the room completely.

4. Modernist Style Bathroom with Cube Vanity and Clodagh Tile

Severe or modern? Sterile or contemporary?

It depends on your world view. This is a super modern bathroom idea, like a cube without a single curved line that can be found anywhere *.

The bathroom vanity is a single sink and a square and linear Hanalei vessel sink, such as bathtub fixtures, trash baskets, mirrors, candle lights, and even towel racks, for crying out loud.

* One secret curvature was found on the tile. It is not clear from this view, after a closer inspection you will see that the Ann Sacks Clodagh Shield tile is indeed curved. a little.

5. Shadowbox Mirror and Clodagh Tile

I have been vocal in a previous article about my dislike for the sinking of the ship. I think they are impractical and attract attention.

How dare I say this? Will I eat my words before? No, but: something about the shape of the Spools makes me very happy. Color too. This is a sink that I would not mind cleaning in the hard-to-reach acute corner where the bottom of the sink and toilet counter meet.

The tiles from Ann Sacks, as they say, are “hypnotic.” Agreed. The candle holder is Lexicon Bone China.

6. Spare and Modern, Square Tiles and Dark Cabinet

Yearn for a clean and simple life? Okay, how about a simple life? Here’s an idea for your bathroom that will turn the basic process of bathing into relief from the chaos of your busy, real life:

Bathroom with the most basic elements: bathtub, dressing table, mirror, candle holder. These elements are mainly square or rectangular in shape. Square: Barbara Barry tile 4 “x 4” at the top of the wall. The same designer for the subway tile 3 “x 6” at the bottom.

7. Wild Wavy Tile and Leather Framed Mirror

Montparnasse’s black espresso mirror was the pinnacle of this sleek and sophisticated bathroom vanity. Corrugated tiles (Ann Sacks / Angela Adams) complete this fun and lively bathroom.