8 Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas

8 Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas

Wallpaper is the best way to change the room, because it does not take up space that can be used but directly injects personal style. This makes wallpaper very suitable for bathrooms, where space tends to be limited and functionality is very necessary (maybe more than other rooms in the house, except the kitchen, maybe). And you don’t need a ton of natural light for wallpaper to really appear, so you can ventured even to low-lit or lackluster bathrooms. To get inspired, keep reading for twenty-eight bathroom wallpaper ideas and fun design tips.

1. Monochromatic Clouds

The bathroom, designed by Arent & Pyke, is made of what monochromatic bathing experts dream of. Black stained wooden floors, corner railings, and simple black square mirrors make this space feel very modern while Victorian bones make it feel like a total classic. Beautiful cloud-print wallpapers bridge the two perfectly.

2. Rustic Meets Elegant

Designed by James Farmer, this powder room tells the story of the house and its owner. Farmers choose to display the wife’s family silver tray on Thistle wallpaper for a personal decorative touch. “It’s a ranch-style house that needs ranch-style clothing,” joked the designer. “It’s all about layers and texture.” Farmers also transformed as rustic chic cabinets into vanity tables.

3. Removable and Upbeat

If you are not ready to jump, just choose a removable wallpaper. Designer Regan Baker chose one from Hygge & West to enliven this bathroom without having to make a big commitment to print or color. It’s temporary, affordable, and weird.

4. Springtime Flower Power

This powder room designed by Kathryn M. Ireland is a jolly spring. He refreshes the room by covering the walls in his Greta Wallpaper. Flip chairs add a nice pop that sticks to the flower theme while bringing some interesting new colors. If you decide to bring wallpaper to a small room or with a tap, make sure you are well ventilated.

5. Toile With a Twist

When in doubt, add a wall statement. In this space designed by Regan Baker, the accent walls are covered with classic hard work patterns for a timeless and light atmosphere. A transition mirror about a small sink, colorful hand towels and geometric light make this powder room feel complete.

6. Paper With a Story

To make the powder room feel more spacious than it really is, interior designer Alexander Angle peppered the walls with Audubon prints loved by homeowners and then improved later with Farrow & Ball’s Inchyra on shutters and under the seat line.

7. Graphic Yet Classic

The contrast between hyper-realist, gritty photos with classic black and white striped wallpapers and luxurious chandeliers creates a nice alignment in the space designed by Leanne Ford. He added an accent magazine rack, a special linen curtain, a hand towel ring, and a case to finish it.

8. Subtle and Sweet

Sweet peachy colored wallpapers won’t overwhelm the eyes, especially if you choose classic and casual patterns. In this bathroom designed by Amber Interiors, the wallpaper warms the cold tones and marbles for a nice balance.